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Abraham Lincoln Assassination Timeline

Abe Lincoln assassinated
Date Year Lincoln Assassination Timeline
March 4 1865 Lincoln Delivers His Second Inaugural Address
On March 4th, President Abraham Lincoln delivers his second inaugural address to a crowd of 50,000 in front of the newly completed iron dome of the U.S. Capitol. Nationally known stage actor John Wilkes Booth and several other Confederate sympathizers are among the crowd. Booth will later claim he had “a splendid chance… to kill the president where he stood.”
March 17 1865 Booth Plots to Kidnap Lincoln
A plot hatched by John Wilkes Booth to kidnap President Lincoln is aborted when the President fails to make a scheduled trip to a soldiers' hospital. The possibility of political assassination increasingly enters the mind of the bitter and restless Booth.
April 9 1865 Civil War Ends
General Robert E. Lee surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant ending the American Civil War between the North and South
April 11 1865 Lincoln's Last Speech
In celebration of the Union victory, Lincoln gives what would be his last Presidential Speech on the front lawn of the White House. Present among the crowd stood would be assassin John Wilkes Booth. Booth A famous theater actor and sympathizer of the south.
April 14 1865 The Day of the Assassination
While attending an evening performance of "Our American Cousin" at Ford's Theatre, President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated at the Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth. Booth shot Lincoln in the back of the head, then fled through a back door of the Theater
john wilkes booth escape route
April 15 1865 The Day After
John Wilkes Booth and Herold arrive at Dr. Samuel Mudds Home at about four in the morning. Mudd treats booth for a broken leg.

Abraham Lincoln dies from his gunshot wound to the back of the head at 7:22 in the morning.

Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the Presidency upon Lincoln's death
April 16 1865 The Nation Grieves
On this Easter Sunday, church services are packed with mourners dressed in black. Preachers compare the deaths of Lincoln and Jesus Christ.

Booth and Herold spend the first of five days hiding in a pine thicket, two miles east of the Potomac River in southern Maryland. Searching for the fugitives, Union troops come so close Booth can hear them.

April 17 1865 Five Conspirators Arrested
Investigators receive a tip that leads to the arrest of Lewis Powell, Seward’s attacker. The same day, police also arrest Michael O’Laughlen, Edman Spangler, Samuel Arnold and Mary Surratt.
April 19 1865 Lincoln's Funeral
Lincoln's funeral is held in the White House East Room. Thousands of Americans line the streets to watch the procession.
April 21 1865 Lincoln's Funeral Train Departs
Lincoln's body departs Washington in a nine-car funeral train. The 1,700-mile trip back to Illinois would essentially be over the same tracks that carried the then President-elect east in 1861. Cities along the route that hold funeral processions include Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago.
April 26 1865 Herold Surrender, Booth Killed
John Wilkes Booth is hunted and found hiding in old man Garrett's barn with friend David Herold. Herold surrendered to the soldiers but Booth was shot after the barn was set ablaze. Booth died of his wound a few hours later
May 1 1865 Newly sworn in President, Andrew Johnson ordered the captured eight conspirators of the assassination of President Lincoln to be tried by a Military Commission
May 4 1865 Abraham Lincoln's body is finally laid to rest in a tomb at Springfield's Oak Ridge Cemetery.
May 9 1865 The Military Commission convenes to try Mrs. Mary Surratt, David Herold, Lewis Paine, George Atzerodt, Edman Spangler, Michael O'Laughlin, Samuel Arnold, and Dr. Samuel Mudd for their parts in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. Surratt, Herold, Paine, and Atzerodt will eventually be given the death penalty, while the remaining defendants are sentenced to imprisonment.
June 30 1865 Edman Spangler was sentenced to six years in prison while Dr. Samuel Mudd, Samuel Arnold, and Michael O'Laughlen are sentenced to life. Mary Surrat, George Atzerodt, Lewis Powell and David Lee Herold are sentenced to die by hanging
July 7 1865 Execution Day
George Atzerodt, David Herold, Lewis Paine, and Mary Surratt are executed by hanging at the Old Penitentiary in Washington, for their part in the assassination conspiracy.
November 27 1866 John Surratt Captured
A ninth conspirator, fugitive John Surratt, is captured in Alexandria, Egypt. He will be tried but acquitted with a hung jury, and survive another 50 years until 1916.
September 19 1867 O'Laughlen Dies
Michael O’Laughlen dies at Fort Jefferson during a massive outbreak of yellow fever. He had received a life sentence for his role in the conspiracy.
February 18 1869 Three Conspirators Paroled
President Andrew Johnson paroles Dr. Samuel Mudd , who had been sentenced to a life term in prison.

On March 1st, Edmund Spangler, sentenced to six years in prison, and Samuel Arnold, sentenced to life, are both paroled by President Johnson.

February 7 1875 Spangler Dies
Edman Spangler dies after a long period of poor health.
January 10 1883 Mudd Dies
Samuel Mudd dies of pneumonia.
September 21 1906 Arnold Dies
Samuel Arnold dies of tuberculosis.
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