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William Wallace Lincoln

William Wallace "Willie" Lincoln (1850-1862)
William Wallace "Willie" Lincoln (1850-1862)

December 21, 1850 Springfield, Illinois, United States
Died February 20, 1862 (aged 11) Washington, D.C., United States
Parent(s) Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln
Siblings: Tad Lincoln, Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward Baker Lincoln
Uncles: Thomas Lincoln
Grandparents: Nancy Lincoln, Thomas Lincoln, Robert Smith Todd, Elizabeth Parker
  • Willie died in the White House on February 20, 1862, at the age of 11, while his father was President.
"Willie" was the third son of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. He was named after Mary Todd's brother-in-law, Dr. William Wallace. Willie was said to be handsome, smart, serious and thoughtful child who was the favorite of Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln.

Both Willie and his younger brother Tad became ill in early 1862. Willile's condition would fluctuate from day to day, while Tad was not as badly affect. Willie died at the young age of 11 of a typhoid-like disease, likely cause of the illness was typhoid fever, which was usually contracted by consumption of contaminated food/water. The White House drew its water from the Potomac River, along which thousands of soldiers and horses were camped. His death was traumatic and left deep marks for the entire family. Both parents were deeply affected. His father did not return to work for three weeks. Willie's younger brother, Tad, cried for nearly a month because he and Willie were very close. Lincoln generated no official correspondence for four days. Mary was so distraught that Lincoln feared for her sanity.

Willie was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown. After his father's assassination in 1865, Willie's casket was exhumed and he was moved to a temporary tomb. He was re-interred at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois on September 19, 1871, alongside the remains of his father and his brothers, Tad and Eddie, holding a blue handkerchief. Mary Todd Lincoln was later buried in the same tomb.

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